the process

The Bellevue Philosophy is simple:
Keep it simple.
The floor plan and home design are created before any money is transferred.

The finishes, details and fees, architectural, engineering, permits, taxes are all transparent.

All costs are disclosed up front. Monies are agreed to and money is transferred upon phase and performance.

The process is very simple and granular, easy for total transparency. There are different milestones during the building process.

Beginning with the first phase of excavation and ending upon completion with finishes and final installations.

Throughout each phase the client signs off on completion of the construction details.
Monies are transferred from client to contractor.

Work is performed. Money is paid.

The owner may opt for an Internet Observation Program wherein a wifi/Internet
connection is established at the construction site so the homeowners can observe day-to-day construction.

Carlos is an excellent communicator.
Homeowners are always informed by email of day-to-day work, accomplishments, and hurdles.