frequently asked questions

Q: Can I buy a lot as a tourist/non-resident?
A: Yes, certainly!

Q: Which documents do I need to buy a property?
A: You only need your valid passport.
Buying involves documentation by a notary public, we can help you to find a reliable one. (Hint: If you want to apply for a Residencia visa, you’ll need other documents as well. See below.)

Q: Will I be able to apply for a Residencia visa by investing in Bellevue Playa Pájaros?
A: In a nutshell: Yes!
All your investments into Costa Rica (property, shares, even vehicles) count. You need to invest at least $ 150,000. We can help you with the application, but you can’t apply with us directly. Since this topic is a little more complicated, please get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your individual situation.

Q:Do I need a Costa Rican bank account to buy property?
A: No.

Q: Are there any additional costs to the purchase price?
A: Yes. You should calculate approx. 5% of the property’s value to be paid for taxes, registry, attorneys etc.

Q: Does the price for a lot vary with size or sea view?
A: No. All lots have the same price. Some are larger, but steep or farther from the community area, some are smaller but come with a sea view, some are relatively flat and offer easy options to build or farm or play. The earlier you decide, the better your deal!

Q: Will I find everything I would need for everyday life in Bellevue Playa Pájaros?
A: Yes. Just about 2 km away is the village of Río Grande.
There’s grocery stores, a school, some restaurants. In the near future there’ll also be a clinic with doctors.Other basics (clothes shops, household utensils, stationary, tools, hardware store, electrical appliances, car parts & repair, service/fuel station, to name just a few) can be found in the nearby town of Paquera (ca. 9km).

Q: What about this community area?
A: Simple: If you buy a property in this project, you’ll automatically hold a share in its community area. Of course, that entails a responsibility to the other shareholders, but also gives you additional space you don’t have to have in your home–with a kid’s playground, a clubhouse, a yoga terrace, a BBQ Rancho, a co-working space, conference rooms, all with a great view over the Gulf of Nicoya to share with your fellow Pájaros residents.

Q: Are the houses turn-key builds?
A: We build the house including kitchen and bathroom furniture, air conditioning, ceiling fans, warm water supply, fresh water tank, water pump, decalcifier and sewage treatment. Not included are photovoltaics, electrical appliances, furniture, decoration, accessories, cutlery, china and glassware, bedsheets, towels, and others. However, if you want to keep your mind off these details, our designers can provide you with all these additional things for an extra fee.

Q: What if I don’t like the houses on display?
A: Easy! Then you build another.We offer two possibilities: 1)If you like the house, but not the layout, you can change every door, wall or window and many details without additional costs as long as you stay in the original footprint. 2)Bring your own design ideas! We charge between $1050/m² and $ 1,300/m² for the basic building (depends on standards). Additional costs incur for photovoltaics.

Q: Will there be a monthly upkeep to pay for the community? A: That depends on how you and your neighbors want to organize the maintenance and upkeep of shared properties (e.g. roads, gates, fences, hedges, garbage collection, clubhouse…)

Q: Do I need to consider any other annual costs?
A: As a rule of thumb you’ll have to pay approx. 0.75‰ of the total value of your property as a tax to the municipality each year. Don’t forget Internet, water, and electricity.

Q: Can I get into contact with the Bellevue Playa Pájaros team to get more answers or advice?
A: Sure! We’d love to hear from you and help you build all the confidence you need before making an investment.We speak fluent English and German. Spanish, French,Italian and Russian speaking contacts can be organized. Here are our contact details.