About the developer

Carlos Solana was born August 7th, 1971 in Zürich, Switzerland.
His parents were from Madrid, Spain.
They immigrated in the ’60s during Franco’s dictatorship in Spain to Switzerland where they met. 
Carlos had an idyllic childhood,  meeting on the weekends with other Spanish families in different cultural places.
Carlos learned to speak Spanish, German, French, and Italian at a very young age.  
He began working in international banking and excelled quickly; he then had an opportunity to take a 6-month break in 2001 and traveled the world with his fiance.
They visited Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. 
He got married in 2003 and their first son Miguel was born,  then in 2006 his second son Arón was born. 

The word Bellevue means 'Beautiful View' in the native Swiss language of Carlos Solana. This was the only fitting name for this special place with amazing people.

Traveling the world provided a very unique perspective.
Carlos decided, after being 15 years successful in banking, to start a new business.
In 2008 Solana traveled to Costa Rica, checked out 12 different
areas and potential projects to invest in, when he arrived at the last location, Playa Organos, he fell in love and knew that this is the place to be and retire at.
In 2010 his family moved to Costa Rica.
In 2012 he started getting the permits; in 2016 he started building the infrastructure, and by 2019, he was selling the project. In 2020, Carlos built the first villa with an amazing pool.
As of July 2021, Bellevue has a Yoga Retreat and a Dive Resort for two customers.  There are a total of 12 buildings. 

Carlos will tell you:

“I love to see the smiles of my clients and community members; it is wonderful to see how happy they are when they see what we do for them.”
Carlos is also very engaged in helping the local region with more Infrastructure. He is the Vice President of the Chamber of Tourism: CAPATUR and he works hand in hand with the Municipality.
Ask anyone in Paquera or Playa Organos and they will all agree that Carlos is an energetic community-minded person, always helping others and giving back to this country he loves so much.